Ferran Adriá says Portugal has the best fish

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Ferran Adriá, considered by many the greatest chef of all time, says that Portugal has the best fish and best seafood in the universe. The program Prove Portugal that promotes national products of high quality cuisine, also claims that Portuguese chef's are the ambassadors of the country's cuisine because they transform products by developing a highly creative cuisine. Ferran Adrià said he had "a pending trip to go meet the new generation of Chef's discovered in Portugal. "

Looking ahead into the future more and more the importance of the chef's cuisine in the affirmation of the Country, the renowned Catalan chef, thinks that this , "will emerge in many countries new culinary centers of attraction, such sites will explode ... but the kitchen will not be national, will be personal. We conclude that in the future will be personalized and creative cuisine of Chef's will impose almost as a symbol of national and regional cuisine.”